Pumpkin Fever.

by Jamila Pierre

Not really a pumpkin spiced latte kind of gal...but I do love a good pumpkin pie, I call my honey bun and baby humans/ animals pumpkin, and I am head over heels for the color overall. It can be so rich and sexy;  fun and vibrant; or just plain ole' "so ugly it's good", either way I am always here for the color and I don't care what season it is. 

Earlier, in January of this year, I wore almost the same outfit except I swapped the chambray for a trench as  the layering piece (can you tell I love this combo of top and bottom....?), I also swapped the lippie and attitude. I paired the 'fit with a few rings (the two fingered gold-plated crystal ring was made by me) and a different necklace.

In the last  post I did (with the virtually similar outfit) I went on and on about how amazing this sweater was, how it was love at first sight, and how the sparkly thread that's woven throughout (which the camera didn't capture) is seriously the bees knees; I also Went into my love for these pants. What makes me sad is that I've owned these pants for quite some time, have worn them so often it should be a crime, and now I can tell that they are almost on their way out. I. WILL. DIE.  They are the most amazing printed bottoms of my life and the tears will flow, creating rivers and then floods. They feel like air on my body their so comfortable, and the color is just....IS JUST.

I purchased this trench vest a couple months back; it was on major major sale and I'd been peeping it for some time so as far as I was concerned the stars had obviously aligned. I featured it in a haul on my YouTube channel (alongside some other purchases from the Charlotterusse+ line) and I gotta say...it is très bien. 

It's definitely a layering piece because aside from the obvious (the fact that it's sleeveless) it's quite lightweight, which to be honest I kind of actually like. While we're being honest, I'm not sure I would've been so fond if I hadn't caught this puppy on said sale. Though the quality is standard and good enough for the price I purchased it for...the original asking price would've definitely put this in the return pile because regardless of me being drawn to the style....it wouldn't have been worth it in my eyes. And listen, I'm not knocking the quality of the products sold at lower end stores (those be my JAMS #AllDayErrrDay), most of what I own is of quality and has been low to mid-range....but I do feel the price should be commensurate with what it is you're getting. This is not to say that even quality merch isn't obscene in price; at which point it's up to the buyers discretion as to whether they want to take the plunge (if all else fails there's always a coupon code), but if the price doesn't feel right...I'm not buying.

This trench is pretty Dopious Maximoto though, the color was just the thing I needed in my arsenal to help anchor so many of my more flamboyant looks (whether it be color or print choices), plus I own nothing like it (which is insane because I own a literal store of clothing).

Special Note: I may get into how I shop, what makes me buy certain items, why I have no bias as to where I shop, how most of what I get is on sale, etc... (STAY TUNED)


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Trench from Charlotteruse.com. $28.10 (On Sale from $42.99)
  2. Necklace from Burlington Coat Factory. $14
  3. Sweater from Target. $24.99
  4. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  5. Rings from various street vendors. $5-$10 (Two finger crystal ring made by me)
  6. Leopard print pants from Forever21.com. $22.80
  7. Boots from Charlotterusse.com. $15 (on sale from $45)