by Jamila Pierre

I think it is pretty self explanatory as to why I absolutely heart this trench, right....? Like.... the pure majesty of it is just......

Most times when I wear bodycon type of dresses  I'll throw on a cardi, a jacket, or a something to disguise my "good-year" and draw the eye vertically. Now I know there are a boat load of people who will harp on about flattering  vs. non-flattering, and all the levels of the F's given or not given in between; I twinkle toe and grand plie my way through all those stages from time to time (sometimes hourly...sometimes by the minute). In this case I veered on the side of slightly more flattering (except I didn't wear much in the realm of shapewear).

The dress has darted seams that help to give me this hourglass shape that I only somewhat possess. And the draping of the trench coupled with how I tied it in the back....???? It just falls on my frame perfectly to disguise and accentuate the same time; that would be my tip for those looking to do the same. 

An added bonus is that the dress has pockets, which is liiiiiiife, so much so that I own it it in several colors. Plus, the color pairing in this #OOTD (nails, lips, and all) is just smashing AF. Overall, I love everything about this look....because reasons....

I paired the 'fit with black on black (legs and feet), tossed on one of my favorito statement jewels from H&M, and wore my hair down for a change because I haven't in such a long while. 

Can we take a moment to acknowledge how long my hair has gotten (before I cut it again).

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from H&M. $14
  2. Trench from $38 (on sale from $59.50)
  3. Dress from $12 (Circa many moons ago)
  4. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  5. Leggings from Rainbow. $6 (Circa many moons ago)
  6. Boots from $33.60. (On sale a year or two ago, similar HERE & HERE)