by Jamila Pierre

Soooooooooo.......I consider myself a fairly authentic and unique individual, but sometimes (somehow) I end up coming up with like-minded ideas as others.  I know you may be thinking to yourself, "Chill out...it's not that serious...", but to me it kinda is most times. I've gone so far as to not post things because others have, even if I've independently thought to do it. I just really have something against being like any other crayon in the box (or being in a box period). 

But sometimes...I really just don't care. This was one of those times.


When I first saw this duster blouse thing-a-ma-bobber, I knew more or less how I wanted to wear it and it didn't matter the external influences. And though there are several ways it can be worn (to which I will eventually showcase here on Le Bloggitay), I went with the no-brainer approach, but put my edgy spin on it because...have we met? 


As hard as it is for me, this isn't the first time I've had a "twinning" moment. I usually steer clear of it unless I'm dedicating a post to someone, but I think most people who have this piece kind of went in a similar direction off the bat. There's actually a few looks that didn't make it on here because I didn't post it in time and then BOOM, someone comes out with almost an identical outfit. **Waves fist in the air** #SOB #BloggerWoes

And then the world crumbles around you and you have to reevaluate life because you spent all this time on a shoot for no reason....LMFAO!!! Too real a moment? No seriously, I'm not that torn up about it, even though it can get annoying sometimes, but it's a reality I feel is not discussed at times...plus it's kind of funny to me.

In any event, here we are.


I paired this long and lovely, window pane printed duster, with varying textures of black on black on black. And if you're not entirely sick of my studded belt and my moto boots yet...don't you worry, there's plenty of time, I'll be playing these out for all of eternity.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Duster button down from Target.com. $24.98 (On sale)
  2. Noir tank top from Forever21.com. $14.90
  3. Studded belt borrowed from my home skillet. 
  4. Motto leggings from Torrid.com. $29 (On sale)
  5. Boots from Charlotterusse.com. $15 (On sale from $45)