by Jamila Pierre

Disclaimer: If you're not familiar with me or my blogging voice or humor for that matter...this may come off as overly negative, you may not get the point of this post at all. If you find that sarcasm or the occasional sprinkling of realism/ "pessimism" is not your tea, this particular post may not be for you. This post is meant for those days when you'd be so inclined to wear a print such as this one, and not just because it's boss AF. Thank you for your time, please continue.

Let's be clear, I come from a place of thinking where the idea of haters is ridiculous. The idea of a bunch of people sitting around thinking  of you for extended periods of time....not likely (right?), and I think that's because I myself don't really do this unless the person or issue in question has truly wronged me...I don't think about people who are trying to wrap my head around others doing it seems foreign. 

But then again people are irrational and petty as I too can be on occasion  (how ever different the level or reasoning), plus hate can come in many forms and can come from more than just a the cosmic line of existence (bitch don't want you to be great). It doesn't matter who you are or where you are in life (hate is an equal opportunity S.O.B).

In honor of how hate is spread across the land no matter what you do, say, look like, whether you're alive or dead, it seems. I decided there was only one way to address it. This dress that dons a plethora of middle fingers all over it is kinda giving "multi-cultural teas"/ life, hunty, and I am all the way here for it.


For me the dress speaks for everyone who has ever felt slighted by anyone or anything; a dog, a cat, Murphy's law, or on a much more serious note... a medical troubles, shiiiiiit...something as small as someone who didn't hold the elevator door. It could be a broken straw in your drink on a hot day, the weather not letting you and your outfit be great, your boss not giving you your 10's,when people get crazy in the comments, when people feign concern for your health in order to try and make you feel like shit about yourself,  when someone comes for you when you did not send for them, when they didn't put respeck on your name, etc....

Even though I don't really see myself as much more than a speck on the radar of life as a whole, I do find myself at odds and coming to blows with the bitch, you and all this existential mucky muck, from time to time. Aside from some pretty remarkable bright spots that have shun upon my timeline (not the social media one...although that is up for debate too these days)....I got some supremely dumb shit on my timeline (pun intended this time) #Woosaaaa

If you've been keeping up with me then you'll know that I've been struggling with some health issues. That's that cosmic shit playin' them games, tryin' to keep this novela spicy. Listen cuz, I'm plenty spicy for us all I don't need all the added sazon and adobo! I also have PCOS...which is another story all together, but I can't even focus on those symptoms entirely because I'm too busy with this cerebral cockamamie wrench in my plans. 

All in all, I don't really think the powers that be properly equipped any one living thing with enough middle fingers or middle finger emoji's for one lifetime, or the several lifetimes that follow (not with the way shit is set up).

But I swear on everything this too shall pass...because if it doesn't...the next dress I wear....


Look, look, listen, listen....I know that there are going to be people who read this post and the point is going to blow right over their heads, this post isn't for you. I would love nothing more than for this post to be for everyone and for everyone to get it, I sure hope everyone just might not. This post is for the people who know what it's like to have hella rotten days and instead of having an APP for it, they have a middle finger for it. This is for the people who are discriminated against, who feel marginalized, who feel unheard, who are ostracized , who are shamed, abused, who are wronged, or are just hated.

This is also for the people who stub their toe, get paper cuts, have bad hair days, whose makeup won't come out right, who forgot deodorant this morning, who have a run in a fresh pair of tights, or who bit their tongue literally doing nothing.

This is also for the people who work hard and never get credit where credit is due, who work for years (in any field) and are ignored (and please don't act like it doesn't matter because that shit is insulting and a got dang lie), for all the people who were taken advantage of for their  skill set, for the artist who stays up for days straight and still can't get the fucking program to work or to make this one part move the way they want it to
(#@$@%!), etc...

There are so many valid reasons to say fuck you, fuck this, fuck it, FUCK; or we could just wave it like we just don't care and say it all with a crisp middle finger and can feel just as good.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Shade, cultivated over time.
  2. Sunglasses from $11 (On sale)
  3. Jacket from Strawberry. (Similar HERE)
  4. Dress (Gifted for my BDay, person won't let me know where they got it from but I'm working on it)
  5. Belt from VIM. $7 (Similar HERE)
  6. Bracelets from a street-fair. (Similar HERE)
  7. Leggings from $19.90 (Similar HERE)
  8. Boots from $15 (On sale from $45, similar HERE)