by Jamila Pierre

Girl. Gworl....GWUUUURRRRLLLLL. GYAL! This dress tho... I'll wait...

Food printed on clothes, food printed on or shaped as accessories, food in my mouth....I think it's safe to say I'm a fan.

And all things that shine, sparkle, glitter, shimmer, flash, glint, etc...I'm pretty much a fan of as well....

I was pleasantly surprised on my Day-O-Birth, with this dress, by a significant someone, who knew me well enough to know that this print is right up my alley. They also knew that the last two prints from my most recent posts were up my alley as well (HERE & HERE). 

Out of all three of the dresses I didn't know which I was more excited to wear and I didn't know which really to wear first, but life really did pick for me. When it comes to clothing...there really is a time and place for it all, you have to feel it and sometimes it has to feel you. On on this day we were feeling each other.

I had this image in my head, over and over again, with me in one of my most fave jackets of all time (which is out of stock and upsets me because i wish you all could get it), and my safari hat...don't know why...just couldn't shake it.

So I just knew it had to be done.

I got my hat, my jacket, the dress, my boots that I've nearly crashed to shit (but trust me I still wear em' cuz there are no fucks given), I stacked a bunch of bracelets, and my finishing touch was a pair of pink leopard shades. PERFECT.


Don't you just love when you have an outfit on that has all of the elements that make up who you are, in one? I've had several on the blog, and they all look so vastly different from each other...but they still fully embody my style aesthetic completely, without skipping a beat. What outfit best hits every style note in one look, for you? Comment below, or show me using #CompleteStyleBeat

Let's just take a moment to appreciate the view of the back of my wrinkly jacket, for the win.

As for the dress? They wouldn't let me know where they found the dress at first (for fear I would buy everything up and not allow them to gift me thing slowly...they'd be right), but I did manage to get some info out of them.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Hat from Jcp. $15 (On Sale)
  2. Necklace from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  3. Jacket from $15 (On Sale from $49, alternative and equally as unique HERE)
  4. Dress from (Gifted)
  5. Rings from street fair $2-$5/ & handmade 
  6. Bracelets from FashionToFigure. $12 stack/ & Burlington Coat Factory $7
  7. Boots from $33.60