by Jamila Pierre

In my last post I mixed prints for a few reasons and was inspired by the contrarian qualities coupled with the overall color palette. This time I just wanted to have plain ole fun. There are many rules as to how to expertly mix prints (many of which I've adopted into my style "thought process"), I also think that one thing isn't expressed nearly enough; keep the rules in mind as a reference point but be willing to break them every chance you get. Have fun.

As much as a skull print is a neutral to me, so is camo. I have plenty of it in my wardrobe, so much so that I try and find reasons NOT to wear it. You heard me correctly. I have a vast wardrobe and nothing would please me more than to wear nothing but skulls and camo, but then I would never reach for the other fabu pieces in said vast wardrobe. I'm aware I have a problem, first step is admitting it...isn't it. 


I purchased this impeccable camo anorak that to the naked eye seems like just another camo jacket, look closer. When I saw this baby on and  the most perfect added touch (a rose print loosely thrown into the mix), I nearly passed out. Rock with me, rock with me, I know I'm dramatic but you've gotta admit that when you look at the intricacy of this jacket....your knees get just a tad weak. No? Then you need to give your eyes a good rub to clear up your vision, cuz this ish is bombtastic. 

I love how faded the camo print is, I also love how muted the rose print is and how it camouflages right into the camo....I see you Boohoo, I see you. So after a few weeks of just letting this jacket sit in the cart, I took the plunge. It was so dope upon opening the package when I received it that I tried to convince a dear friend of mine that she too needed to dabble on this here jacket (*Tony Baker voice*). I even made plans to get it for her myself, but she ended up getting it before I could do the honors.  

And now.....I'm afraid to say that this jacket is no longer available. Luckily for you I came upon a jacket very similar (it'll be linked down below). I ended up purchasing that one too because I was curious if the fit was off or not, I'm still waiting to receive it in the mail and will be updating you on Instagram

The only real difference I can see is that the rose print (even the camo print) seems to be more vibrant, the buttons and length are different, and there's no hood.....Ok there's a few differences, but it's still quite similar and equally as bombtastique.

I paired the jacket with this floral dress from the late great Wetseal, which pretty much doesn't exist anymore (*insert sad face emoji*). I loved the idea of the print of the dress kinda pushing through certain spots of the jacket giving it its floral print. I know it sounds crazy, but I envisioned the flowers outgrowing the space on the dress and finding a way onto the makes sense to me.  

I kept everything moody; dim camo, dark floral print, camel over the knee boots. GIRL! I am so ready for Fall in this Bish. Fall on the east coast better be lit is all I'm saying, I've got way too many fly pieces that I need to shut shit down in. 

What I'm Ready:

  1. Sunglasses from Torrid. $15
  2. Jacket from $34 (On sale, not longer avail., alternative HERE)
  3. Dress from Wetseal. $15 (On sale, no longer avail., Alternative HERE)
  4. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  5. Boots from $30 (alternative HERE)