by Jamila Pierre

If there's one thing you should've gathered by now (that is if you've been supporting, reading my blog, or catching up on Instagram), is that I'm all about some outerwear; give me a boss ass jacket or a flexin' ass coat over just about anything, any day. I'm not much of a minimalist per say, but I do love a piece that is transformative and can take you from homely to hot shit in one swoop. I love how effortless something as "simple" as outerwear can be and how you could literally roll out of bed looking like day old morning breath and throw on a jacket, and look like you brushed you brush your teeth after every meal and your bed head was 100% intentional. 

Ahhhhhh, the magic of those signature pieces that (don't mind me being cliche here) really do take you from drab to fab.

Jackets (much more than coats, though I really should get better at stocking up on coats in general) are the single most purchased article of clothing in my wardrobe, right next to jeans/pants (it used to be dresses...but we all go through phases). I could really do a whole video on the sheer ridiculousness of my collection, but I thought I'd share a list of some of the jackets I'm lusting after this season, from a variety of online retailers and at a variety of price points for all you fabulous consumers. Some of the jackets I already own or have tried and sent back (which doesn't deter from the piece's fabulosity, which is why I still listed them), making me able to speak first hand about some of the options listed. And even though I own some of the pieces and have not real reason to lust after them, because I own them, it hasn't stopped me from lusting after the appropriate weather to rock them in all their glory (hence the use of the term lust-have *coining it*).

So here's the list, please enjoy, and please understand that yes the list is long....but trust me it could be longer, LOL. Let me know down below or on the gram if you'd like me to do a part two.

  1. Khaki camo sequins parka (I own this one, it's absolutely stunning and fits with room for a slouchy chic look)
  2. Plus leather trim teddy bear coat (Do not own)
  3. Plus shaggy faux fur jacket (Do not own)
  4. Plus Macie double breasted teddy bear coat (Do not own)
  5. Plus Indea long-line fur coat (Do not own)
  6. Plus studded leather look biker jacket (Do not own)
  7. Plus boucle moto (Currently waiting for this one in the mail....because they messed up my order, I will let you know how it turns out)
  8. Plus black denim moto (I ordered this in a 4X to ensure it would fit my big arms, it's a bit oversized and has more strecht than I anticipated...I'd say it's true to size)
  9. Plus pink studded moto (This bad boy fir amazingly, it is true to size, I obvi kept this one)
  10. Plus faux suede moto (I ordered this and will have to send it back because it was super snug on the armas and bareley closed around the chest and belly, if you have a big chest/arms/chest, size up)
  11. Ultra luxe studded moto (I ordered this in a 3x and in the butter color, it fits beautifully)
  12. Plus white faux leather moto (This fits me very well, it says that it's a camel color....trust that it comes in white just like the photo, and it is true to size)
  13. Plus leopard moto (Waiting for this in the mail, will update you)
  14. Hillary Scott printed moto: floral (Waiting for this in the mail, will update you)
  15. Plus pink metallic moto (Will be returning, size up, a 3x will fit best on a 2x body, snug in the arms, very dissapointing because the pink is so dope that it hurts)
  16. Hillary Scott printed moto: camo (Waiting for it in the mail, will update you)
  17. Plus shearling borg aviator jacket (Do not own)
  18. Hillary Scot bronze moto (Do not own)
  19. Plus navy metallic moto (Do not own)
  20. Curve faux suede fringe moto (Do not own)
  21. Plus faux fur heavy hooded bomber (Waiting for this in the mail, I will update you on fit)
  22. Plus Alice burg fur parka (Do not own)
  23. Plus Amy contrast fur parka (Do not own)
  24. Plus faux fur-trimmed long-line coat (Waiting for it to arrive, will update you)
  25. Plus refuge faux fur denim jacket (Waiting for it to arrive, will update you)
  26. Light lace-up denim (Do not own)
  27. Plus lace-up denim jacket (Do not own)
  28. Drama sleeve aqua coat (Do not own, but I reeeeallyyyyy want to)
  29. Drama sleeve red coat (Do not own, "                                            ")
  30. Fur cuff car coat (Do not own, but huuuunnnnaaaayyyy)
  31. Leopard fur collar coat (Do not own)
  32. Curve leopard faux fur coat (Do not own)
  33. Elvi leopard wool coat (do not own
  34. Runway chic faux suede jacket w/cape (Do not own)
  35. Curations embroidered trench (Do not own, but my eye is on the navy one)
  36. Curve lace-up eyelet parka (Do not own, but this is so up my winter wear alley)
  37. Plus velvet puffer jacket (Do not own, but be carefull because forever21 and their Jr sizing can suck a bag of perverbial D**ks)
  38. Pus size faux fur shawl lapel coat (Don't own but will soon)
  39. Plus size multi-color faux fur (Don't own but will soon)
  40. Double-breasted borg coat (Do not own)
  41. Twill & french terry drape jacket (Do not own)

 PSA: Always, ALWAYS, use a coupon code. #GetDemDeals!

Again, let me know down below or on the gram if you'd like me to do a part two. Thanks my luvs!