by Jamila Pierre

Ashley Stewart is seriously one of my fave brands, not only do they always have sales and at times allow you to stack coupons, they have an awesomely unique selection of pieces that you can take from work, to a night out, to a casual weekend, all in one fell swoop; without skipping a single beat, all while maintaining maximum fabulosity.

If you know me, or are anything like me, then you love a good over the top piece, more is more for sure. I'm also a sucker for things that are so unique/ugly....that it's actually good, which is why, for the longest time, I was obsessed with Diesel sneakers. 


There's nothing ugly in the slightest about this jacket, though if it was...I'd still probably be into what I'm saying. This jacket, and it's black twin sister, are Every. Fucking. Thing.

I got them in both color ways because they serve different purposes. The purple one is more for the interesting eclectic Za Za Zoo, but the black one is a slightly more elevated, expensive, Za Za Zoo. I haven't received the black one in the mail yet, but I'm too hype for its arrival. 


I ordered this purple on in a size 22/24, because I'm a true 3X and Mrs. Stewart is fairly true to size. The sleeves juuuuust come over my arms with a light-weight sweater, and is quite fitted around the bust (not in a tacky or horrible way...but's snug), so I made the decision to get the black one in the size up. I'm almost certain it'll work out perfectly for it's purpose. I want to be able to rock it with a multitude of layers, all through the winter months, and NOT have any complications with fit. Do I care that I'm a 3X and the size I had to get is a 26 (4X/5X)? Not a single fuck is, or was, given. I do NOT let the number on an article of clothing dictate to me a got damn thing. My main concern is that the item fits and fits well. 


As for this outfit; I'm absolutely head over heels for this fur stole (as I've worn it in the post before this one...and plan to for the rest of the winter season) and I felt it went perfectly with the jacket. I didn't want to rock a normal scarf (though I would rock a normal scarf), so I went with the stole and paired it with a not so basic, basic-Tee. I'm telling youuuuu, when Boohoo comes out with their Halloween stuff....? You betta get on it. This one is currently out of stock but I included some awesome alternatives, cuz yeah.


I was going to pair it all with a basic pair of dark denim or black jeans....but then I was like....go big or go home. Again, these are no longer on Charlotterusse's site, but I I included a few alternatives below.  I also didn't want to jumble up the look with a huge bag (I know, I know....this coming from someone who is like "more is more", but there is a difference between more is more and imbalance), so I decided to go with my little devil emoji bag. Isn't it adorable?! I got it from Rainbow (in-store) so they may have it if you go into one of their stores...but it certainly isn't available online.


And finally, these shoes. I got them from Charlotterusse and I got it in gold as well (pretty pissed that i didn't follow my gut and also get the silver. Moral of the story, follow your gut). They are seriously some of the most comfortable pairs of sneakers, EVER! and, they are seriously super fly in all their endogenous glory, I included some rad alternatives and ones that I currently have my eye on. 

Overall, this outfit is kinda just a sassy AF casual lewk, real simple, real cute.  


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Sunnies from Torrid. $15

  2. Fur stole from TELCO. $7 (Alternative HERE, and HERE)

  3. Jacket from $45 (On sale, but is on super sale right now)

  4. T-Shirt from $10 (On sale, alternative HERE, HERE, and HERE)

  5. Bag from Rainbow. $5 (On sale)

  6. Jeans from $20 (On sale, alternative HERE, HERE, and HERE)

  7. Shoes from $10 (On sale, alternative HERE,HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE)