by Jamila Pierre

I want you to know that this pairing was incredibly effortless, "leather" and leopard isn't exactly innovative, so I went with pieces that took something classic and turned up the volume a few notches.

I said, "Let's do leopard....but in this fun colorway, and let's do leather-pants....but with some lace-up detailing.". The boots, though it seems like the obvious choice, almost didn't make the cut *GASPS while clutching pearls*. I was originally going to pair these with an over the top pair of glittery kicks, I vetoed that idea because I didn't want to over complicate such an easy breezy look. I'm definitely a "More Is More" kinda gal....but sorta didn't want to do the absolute most this time around (I still turned it up on em' tho, just kept it at a level 99).

I love a good pant, even more so, a good faux leather piece. Actually, let's just go right ahead and say that I also like a good laced up anything...seriously...it's a problem. Just like anything skull and skeleton, my weakness for the laced-up look became exploited, by pretty much EVERY retailer, as of the last few years. I think I own at least ten pairs of bottoms, fifteen tops, a few dresses, and some bags.....all with a laced-up detail.....PROBLEM! So when I came across these faux leather leggings, with the lacing, on Missguided, I jumped on it.


What made the purchase even easier was the fact that it was on sale, but honestly even if it wasn't on sale....I'd probably still have these in my cart, ready to pull the trigger. I'm a true 3X (22/24) and most retailers (online or otherwise) only hit the  2X (18/20) mark, so it's nice (and also something that I look for in bottoms and clothing, PERIOD) when I find pieces that have enough give to stuff all this jelly in. These pants really did the trick, and have become a fast fave.


The sweater came from Target, and I purchased it for two reasons; I am a huge fan of leopard print (especially ones done in a variety of color ways and fun takes on the classic print), and I hadn't bought any leopard in ages...I figured it was time. What better way to dive back in the leopard pool, than with a beautiful jewel-toned color like this one right here? 


I then threw on the final over the top piece (without being TOO over the top), this white fur vest. I copped this gem from Rainbow, in the sale section, for a five spot. It's amazing what you'll find when you actually take the time to look. I take a look at every section in pretty much every store (plus size or not), because you never know what you'll find. Never be afraid or "too good" to shop in sections "not meant" for you.


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Sunnies from Beacons Closet. $9

  2. Vest from Rainbow. $5 (On sale)

  3. Sweater from Target.com. $14 (On Sale, no longer avail.)

  4. Pants from MissGuided.com $ (On sale, no longer avail., altern. HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE)

  5. Boots from Torrid.com. $52 (On sale, alternative HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE)