by Jamila Pierre

This dress isn’t anything new or innovative, but it sure as hell is still bomb AF. I actually own a few variations of a skeleton printed dress, even a co-ord set or two. I also own this very same dress, in red (not surprisingly they pretty much all came from Boohoo.com).

Every time I wear one of them I’m ready to be flewed out *Cardi B/ City Girls voice*. I always feel like my best self when I’m donning a piece like this, it makes it so that I can effortlessly convey myself the way I truly am….you know….on the inside (pun intended).


Every Halloween, Boohoo releases a few of these dresses in different variants and colorways, I buy them all up! Unfortunately, this exact dress is no longer available on their site, but they do still have some pretty rad alternatives. You’ll be pleased to know, I took did some digging across the inter-web and ended up finding some replacements.

I’m telling y’all, I gotchu.

As for the shoes? I’ve gone on and on about these for the better part of the last six months of last year, so they are definitely no longer available on Target’s site *cries in Spanish*. However, I did a some more of that digging I was just talking about, and I found some more alternatives for ya. Also, Nine West has a extremely similar pair on their site as well (even an ankle boot version), but they’re running out of sizes pretty quickly so don’t hate me if you couldn’t snag em’ in time. I’m sure a soft search in google will totally help you find something comparable.

I paired this dress with these shoes because I felt it to be a fairly simple way to add some fancy shmancy to the look without forfeiting comfort. I don’t know about you but….ya girl does NOT do high heels like that. I mean think about it, if you intend to gallivant with your boo (again….pun intended, see what I did there? You know….because Halloween, and boo….? Get it…? I’ll stop now), you’re more than likely going to want to have comfort on your side, in every regard. No one wants to end the date with blisters.

I threw on a simple bracelet, rocked a pair of classic cat-eye shades (you know….to block the haters), and one of my most worn necklaces to date (because #90sForeva). Oh and of course I had to have some obnoxiously bright reddish-pink nails AND a matte red lip.

What I’m Wearing

  1. Sunnies from Buffalo Exchange. $9

  2. Necklace from Forever21. $6 (Circa ages ago)

  3. Dress from Boohoo.com. $ (Alternative HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE)

  4. Bracelet from Torrid.com. $

  5. Shoes from Target. $14 (On sale. Alternatives HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE)