Street Style: NYC

by Jamila Pierre

Decided to go out and see what NYC had to offer in the style department. Today wasn't the best day for style in my honest opinion and I was beginning to loose hope, but thank God for the few who acted like they just knew they would be on my blog today. They did not disappoint.

Look forward to more posts like this on this page, because I'm not the only Father of Style out there (taking myself too seriously). I want to show you Ladies and Gents that style comes in all forms.

Just rock it!

Name: Kar

Outfit: Predominately Goodwill

Name: Let's just call her adorable

Outfit: Awesome

Name: Berthold (Stylist)

Outfit: Effortlessly Chic

Name: Angela

Outfit:  Zara Studio

Name: Girl with the ornate Moroccan necklace

Outfit: Comfy Chic

nudressformcrop2 small.jpg