Bloggerspiration: Girl With Curves.

by Jamila Pierre

I first saw the immaculate style of Tanesha, from "Girl With Curves", a good year before I even started my very own blog. It was a blog mentioned by God knows who, because my memory fails me right now, at a time when I myself was considering my web presence as a fashion/style blogger.

Some, if not most of you, may not know that once upon a time I had a YouTube channel that was style based (basically outfit of the days). During that time I was obsessed with this whole "Love Thy Body Movement", so I inevitably came upon a few blogs that peeked my interest, it essentially inspired me to  take my humble inter-web beginnings (video-wise) and integrate it into a photographic/ written exploration of my personal style.

Image from

I am a writer/photographer first above all and I thoroughly appreciate the photos and writings of others. When I was introduced to Tanesha's blog "Girl With Curves", I was pleasantly surprised at how calm and elegant the whole experience was.

You have to understand... I am a very erratic, moody, live wire of a person; so to engage in something so simple as a blog, that can (even for a few minutes) tame my mental state....that's amazing!

From her layout, to her color scheme, to her outfit choices, Tanesha exudes class.

I feel as though her blog should be serving me crumpets and tea while I peruse through her well thought out blog posts.


Some bloggers just have outfit posts, some write extensively with each post, hers seems to veer more towards a gallery/ lookbook, no bells and whistles, just immaculate style ideas for the simple girl (not boring girl) who likes timeless pieces, rich fabrics, and feminine silhouettes.


My style is a jumble of things that can still be discernible as a specific style, though the name of my style may not exactly have a name as of yet, it is however organized chaos if you will. I enjoy how vastly different style can be interpreted or presented from one person to the next, so I will be exploring some of these styles in future posts.

Me being me, I have to make sure my viewers can identify me within each post, with that said, even though I will be touching upon some fellow blogger inspo, you will undoubtedly see me all up and through there.

I will be doing some inspired looks from some of these modern day celebrities (Bloggers), and showing my appreciation towards their style and at times their online presence/personalities. 

I call it "Bloggerspiration"


This dress I purchased a couple of months before I had ever seen it on Tanesha, had a few ideas on how I wanted to wear it, but never found the occasion to. When I came across a post with her wearing this dress,a light went on in my head, hence the creation of "Bloggerspiration". I took inspiration from her post, added touches of Jamila to it, and here we are.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. White button down from $17
  2. Leopard dress from $20 (with coupon codes)
  3. Belt from V.I.M. $7
  4. Heels from $29.99
  5. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $5
  6. Sunnies from a street vendor in SoHo. $5