Happy Birthday Amy!

by Jamila Pierre

I could go on and on as to how much I love and appreciate this woman in this post, but I've already done that before (HERE). I believe in not just soulmates, but soul clusters, and she's definitely in my cluster. I lover her and probably always will, it still amazes me how far we've come in our friendship. We've been friends now for just about twenty years on and off, as most long lasting friendships do, we've been through it all and some how here we are, growing old together. I hope that throughout my aging years she's at my side, old and crusty, just like me.

What She's Wearing:  Jacket/ Forever21 , Hoddie/???, Scarf/  Hatsscarfsmittensohmy , Bag/  Sourpussclothing.com  , Dress/  Sourpussclothing.com  , Tights/???, Leg-Warmers/???, Boots/ DrMartens

What She's Wearing: Jacket/Forever21, Hoddie/???, Scarf/ Hatsscarfsmittensohmy, Bag/Sourpussclothing.com, Dress/Sourpussclothing.com, Tights/???, Leg-Warmers/???, Boots/DrMartens

Today is my home skillets birthday, she has now officially been inducted into the "you're an adult league".  I did, however, decide to take her out a few days prior to her birthday because I wanted to do something with just her and I. I never mind chilling with her and the fellow heifers in our clan, but I really do cherish the time we get to spend with just us. 

I wanted to treat her to something nice and different, and I wanted to make an excuse to get cute. So we got cute, headed to my most favorite Thai place (Lantern) with empty grumbling bellies, and we took advantage of their buy one get one free drink specials. 

What I'm Wearing:  Jacket/ Forever21 , T-Shirt/ Threadless.com , Skirt/ Forever21 , Leggings/ Rainbow , Boots/ Avenue.com

What I'm Wearing: Jacket/Forever21, T-Shirt/Threadless.com, Skirt/Forever21, Leggings/Rainbow, Boots/Avenue.com

For every birthday there's a BIRTHDAY WISH, and my wish for her is that she further become the amazing, talented, brave woman, that she is pretty much already revealed herself to be; and that she acquire all the love, happiness, and clarity her heart desires, for many years to come. 

We also filled our tummies with delicious chicken pineapple fried rice and a bevy of appetizers (Chive patties, Spring rolls, Duck wraps, Cheese rangoon, and Curry pockets).