Polka Dotted Sweetheart.

by Jamila Pierre

So remember two posts ago when I made mention to the free dresses I acquired at the 2014 Shop & Swap.....? Well this is the other dress.

When I was thumbing through the racks SimplyBe had set up at the event, I came across this beaut right here. Again, I knew immediately that it would fit stupendously.

For what you'd typically consider to be a "Bodycon", this dress is cut in a way that sits upon your curves instead of restricting airflow. I'm here for it. Now this may be due to it being just a smidge bigger than my actual size, but either way it fits amazingly and allows me to show off my shape without making me feel like I can't even sit down without looking like stuffed sausage.

I'm in love with the sweatheart bodice and the spotted mesh, the design makes it easy to be demure while showing a little skin.


This dress is one miiiiiiiillion dollars over my budget, so to be honest here....I probably would've never bought this dress, but I know that my budget may not be the same as someone else, regardless his dress is beautious none the less.

I paired it with my statement "pearl" necklace and these delectable glitter kitten heels from Zara (Circa 3-4 yrs ago). I fancy this look because it's simple yet far from plain.


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from the wholesale district. $5
  2. Dress from Simplybe. $165 (Free dollars at the Shop & Swap)
  3. Kitten Heels from Zara.com. $50 (Birthday gift many moons ago from the Hubby)