AX Paris

by Jamila Pierre

Finally I am getting a post up after what seems like one million years. Lately I've been quite ill, in pain, and haven't had the erg to post a damn thing, but at last...we are here.

I'd gotten this dress for free from the last Shop & Swap I went to back in June, all I had to do was take a picture and post it to the Gram to be able to take this bad boy home....and that's precisely what I did. The event was cute, there was a photo-booth, prizes-a-plenty, I made a few purchases, and I was able to take home this stunning SimplyBe dress. 

The dress is VERY well made and fits is quite expensive. It's definitely something I would just fawn over and probably never have purchased on my own (Just being honest), however, I'm so happy that I was afforded the opportunity to acquire such a piece.


When deciding to pair this piece with shoes and accessories, I almost found myself trying to go basic, trying to tone it down.....but I couldn't resist the erg to throw in a splash of color and a bold statement piece of a necklace. I kept the arm candy at a minimum, that was the only attempt at being somewhat subdued that I was able to accomplish....what can I say....everything has to pack a punch.


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Obnoxiously over-sized chain necklace from AFAZE. (on sale 3 for $10)
  2. AX Paris Bodycon dress from SimplyBe. $89.95 
  3. Bracelet from the wholesale district. $6
  4. Kitten Heels from $29.99