Ugly Betty?

by Jamila Pierre

I'm always so late in watching shows, but it always works out in my favor because by the time I'm ready to buckle down and watch any given show....I have a plethora of seasons to indulge in. One of the shows I decided to binge watch was Ugly Betty. This show was ridiculous and at time irritating but oddly addictive, even my husband got into it. My favorite character was Willamina, she was strong, funny, sexy, and had the flyest wardrobe. And then there was Betty, I hated Betty with passions that burned soooo deep, I hated how she carried herself, how she dressed, her hair, her smile, her glasses, her voice, her personality....just everything.

It's not her silhouettes that were horrible because I rock the very same ones, it wasn't the fact that she was slightly unconventional about her pairings because I can respect that, it was the fact that it was obvious that she was pairing the ugliest things together and it actually made me mad. As the seasons progressed her style improved and now instead of everything being off, her outfit would be great if she didn't miss a beat or two.

By the last season, when the dust of rage towards this character and her style choices settled, I was able to realize and come to terms with the fact that Betty made ME Ugly.

Here I was judging this person who, though she was a fictional character, was very much like many of us. I was projecting my idea of beauty, my idea of stylish, my ideals as a whole...on to this person.

I have my ideas of what I like or how I think things should look, sound, or just be, and they're mine and won't really ever change unless I see fit...but it gave me no right to become enraged with an opposing standard of beauty. All of this is just an artistic expression of who we are and whether someone loves or hates it is entirely their business. Unless someone is asking for your opinion, or generally seeks your advice/input, just keep it pushin'.

Typically I believe in everyone having those freedoms, typically I feel like you should do, say, dress, and express yourself how you see's your own existence and your choices are just that...your own. Life is personal, and as long as you're not bulldozing through life and hurting people, do what thine wants.

As open and as freedom fighting as I am, this show allowed me to see and indulge in the side of me that I've locked away in a dungeon many moons ago. It was a reminder that nothing is black and white, that along with the good there's the bad, and no matter how together a person seems, or body positive, or free-spirited, there's still an ugly underbelly that fights to break free everyday.


So I'm dedicating this outfit to the Ugly Betty show, for allowing me to come face to face with the grumblings of the mean girl that resides in me, however small her existence. The reason why she's been locked away, the reason we get into physical brawls from time to time, is because I can't stand a mean girl....but I am fully aware that she lives inside of me...she lives in all of us.

Fight the temptation to let that tactless heifer out.

In an Ode' to Betty, without being too obvious (believe it or not), I went with a bright dress over my most favorite obnoxious floral button-down. I threw on my H&M statement necklace, my life-heels, and a matching belt to drive it home.

(Make no mistake though....I do like this outfit very much)


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from H&M. $14
  2. Button-Down from $24.99
  3. Dress from Target. $3.46 (On sale from $15)
  4. Bracelet from the wholesale district. $6
  5. Kitten Heels from $29.99