Bloggerspiration: Franceta Johnson.

by Jamila Pierre

Super infatuated with one of my fellow Queens of NO FUCKS given, Franceta Johnson. Even though that's a title I proudly rock myself, there is no doubt she holds a crown as well. 

Franceta Johnson is as straight forward as they come and her style is much of the same. Her wardrobe is comprised of mostly Grey, Black, White, some earth tones, and a touch of color from time to time. She makes being devoid of color much much more interesting than you'd expect, so when she does add her touches of color, the level it tends to be taken... 

Even on the days where she deems herself to be rocking "boredom", she makes looking effortless and put together look so, well...effortless. 

From her personality to her wardrobe essentials, I am here for it all. 

Even the way she so simply and so eloquently tells you to go F@#%! yourself if can't grasp exactly  what she is serving.

For me there's a magnetism to people who have rough edges and strong personalities, because I have a strong presence myself and though I appreciate a more lax type of person who can balance me out, I also appreciate people who can feed my fire and be as bold and strong as I.

Franceta Jonson's lack of personality subtleties, her lack of sugar coating, are qualities I can respect. If you read tone of my recent post titled "The Aries In Me", you'd know exactly how I feel about those who keep it real. I am a huge fan of NO BULLSHIT.

She's a blogger, a student, a graphic designer, and is seriously someone I wouldn't mind collaborating with on some grand/magical artwork one day down the line. 

Image from

Image from

In October of 2013 she announced her collaboration with MYNT1792, along with four other bloggers where they created a line of Fall outerwear for the masses. Not surprisingly her design along with two others were my fav.

So in this post I decided to do a look inspired by her sea of black and the outerwear she created for MYNT1792.

And you know it wouldn't be me if it weren't for the hot pink pumps that are evidently my life shoe. 

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Top from a store in Brooklyn. $10
  2. Neclace from the wholesale district. $7
  3. Chiffon & Leatherette moto vest from Rainbow. $12
  4. Skirt from $10.80
  5. Shoes from $29.99